Designing a foundation for a SaaS company and its products

Role: Designer and Front-end Developer

I was hired onto Squaremouth as a front-end developer, but I then quickly transitioned into a design role when we lost our designer shortly after I started. Squaremouth is a comparison engine that allows you to search, compare, and purchase travel insurance policies.

When I joined the team, we were in the light stages of a redesign and hired a partner to help us. We found after providing feedback that we actually wanted to bring the redesign in-house since nobody knew our product better than us.

I worked directly with our CEO and Marketing Director to re-design our front-end. I also was the direct contact with our development team to ensure they had whatever they needed.

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Customizing our Help Center

Before I started working on the re-design of Squaremouth.com, I was tasked to design and develop the interface for their Help Center hosted on Zendesk. This was mostly done with Liquid, HTML, and CSS.

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