StartupBus 2016

Conceiving, designing, and building a web application in 72 hours, all while on a bus

Role: Designer and Front-end Developer

For years, I had friends and colleagues who had participated in StartupBus and was excited when I finally got my chance to participate in 2016. StartupBus is an annual technological startup competition, similar to a hackathon The competition is held across a 3-day bus ride where contestants or "buspreneurs" compete to conceive the best technology startup. This includes teams from Tampa, San Francisco, New York, Mexico City, St. Louis, New Orleans and more. Each bus is full of business developers, designers, and web/application developers.

I joined the bus as a designer/developer. We were not allowed to bring any previous works-in-progress, just initial concepts. After we introduced ourselves and pitched our ideas, we formed teams based on interests and talents to build our application.

My team’s concept was to create a platform that allowed farmers and restaurants to connect. Right now, the current process is manual, involving phone calls to facilitate transactions and delivery. By making the process digital, we wanted to expand the clientele for farmer’s and make the ordering process for businesses easier. We were able to build out our interface in time for the competition and made it to the finals, where we were one of five teams.

I was primarily a front-end developer, but I also wore my design hat and helped fill in the gaps when needed for components in our UI. I also had the opportunity to present at each level of the competition. It was an incredible experience to see how much we could accomplish in such a short amount of time.

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