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Role: Front-end Developer

During my time at SPARK, I mostly developed front-end interfaces for a client’s business or as part of a larger marketing campaign. So it was pretty exciting when I was asked to be a part of an initiative that highlighted the people of SPARK and our ideas. STICK was our quarterly, digital publication that served as a hub for our ideas, insights, and thoughts. The core team for this project included myself as a front-end developer, a designer, and an editor, with the oversight of our Creative Director.

Issue #1: “New Year, Fresh Perspective”

For our first issue, we tried to execute our “blue sky” brainstorm ideas. We played around with web typography, layout, interactions, etc. We wanted to mimic a “page turning” behavior to make it feel more like a publication and not just a blog post. It was a successful first issue, but in hindsight, we were married to an aesthetic and functionality that was buggy, not very responsive, and was hard to read for some of our audience. So we started fresh (again) for Issue 2.

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Issue 2: "The Underdog & The Unexpected"

This was when we found our groove. We took the feedback we received from our readers and made changes to our content and our design. We focused heavily on the flow and simplifying the design so that the content was the star of the show, rather than some feature. This issue served as the template for future issues, as well as our response to when Gary Johnson swiped our campaign.

While STICK didn’t continue past the year mark and the agency moved back to a traditional blog format, I will always have a special place in my heart for this project.

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